Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Crocodile Trophy ~ October 20, 2012 ~ QLD, Australia

The Crocodile Trophy is just around the corner....October 20-28th, QLD, Australia.

The Wilier machine I will race on (except I have pimped her out w/Reynolds carbon tubeless rims, Conti tires & a John Cobb mtn bike saddle).

The Crocodile Trophy

Is a 9day/9 stage mountain bike endurance race

Starting in Cairns and heading out west into the Outback

It is a supported ride where we will camp every night and I will attempt to set up my own tent etc. to sleep in. I will be practicing this portion of the event in the privacy of my own home beforehand just to make sure I look like I know what I am doing. If all else fails, I will pretend to be tough and sleep under the stars!

I am raising money along the way for my late friend's foundation- June Canavan Foundation-
I met Dr. June Canavan when I was 17,  as she was recommended to me as the best sports doctor in Australia and particularly with helping athletes with their asthma control.
She gave each and every patient her undivided attention and genuine care and always ran late because of this but no one complained as we all knew that was how she did things.  Each patient was as important as the other.  June not only treated Olympic and World-class athletes, as well as kids, parents and grandparents.
Over the years I became friends with June and her love for life and adventure outside of her busy schedule is what she lived for and when she couldn’t do it herself, she lived it through her patients and athletes.
June was game for anything and I remember her doing a 100km bike ride through the Swiss Alps on no training. When I asked her if it was a good idea, she replied “it will just take me a while!”
Unfortunately June was killed in a light plane crash in 2009 whilst en route to hiking the Kokoda Trail in Papua New Guinea to raise money for a charity she launched called Klocking up the K’s. It was to raise funds for the school of St Jude in Tanzania.
Junes’ plan to raise the funds was by hiking up 5 mountains starting with the letter K.
At the time of her death June had completed 3 of the 5 Ks: Kiel Mountain, Kosciuszko, and Kinabalu. She planned to walk the Kokoda track in August and climb Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania in October. This would have resulted in June climbing a total of 47,560 feet in altitude. Her aim was to climb 5 Ks during 2009 and to achieve $1.00 in sponsorship for each foot of the total number of feet she climbed.
“In honor of Junes goal I would like to try and raise $1 for every metre I climb in this race – 12,900 meters” .

Dr. June Canavan completed the MSA (Master in Sports Administration) course at AISTS (www.aists.org) in 2006. She was passionate about providing better opportunities for women to undertake leadership roles in sport.This scholarship commemorates June’s enjoyment
of the AISTS MSA course and the contribution she made to assisting students through the
course between 2006 and 2009.
The Lausanne Network for Women in Sport (LNWIS) offers a fully paid
fee scholarship for the AISTS MSA course to a high potential female sport leader. The scholarship is funded by the June Canavan Foundation.

This will be my way of honoring June and sharing her love for life, adventure and hopefully inspiring other women to get active and just get out and try something new (as well as men!). 

I have been offered my back up bike from my niece if it gets a bit rough out there and I need 3 wheels!

I will post a link shortly to where you can donate money to her foundation. Any amount would be great as all the pennies add up at the end (remember the old piggy bank?).
She was one cool lady who would be happy to see me do this race and if she were here, would probably join in for the shorter event herself.
This will certainly be a challenge for me on many levels but each time I think about it, it makes me smile both with excitement and that nervous snort/laugh you have when you do something for the first time. I have had two things in my life I wanted to do, one was the World Ironman Championships and the other is the Crocodile Trophy so I am tickled pink to have the opportunity to do it and the support of my sponsors, family and friends to give it a shot. I have no goals for this race except to have the best time in my home country, seeing places by mountain bike I have always dreamt of, meeting people from the local communities, making new friends and experience a whole different style of racing (whilst raising as much $$$ as I can for June's foundation).
We all need to do these things in our lives whether it be athletics, academia or in general daily situations. It takes a lot of courage to try something out of your comfort zone but it can also lead you to many new opportunities and experiences you would never have had.
I love this saying and have it stuck on our fridge and have had to re read it many times over this year and thought I would share it with you too.
'It's impossible' said Pride.
'It's risky' said Experience.
'It's pointless' said Reason.
'Give it a try' whispered the Heart.