Monday, February 13, 2012

Blog Talk Radio with Rev3

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I am excited for a bit of a talk with Rev3 for this coming year, honored to be involved in the series again this year, alot of great races, fun places, with good people!  Tune in for a fun evening on Feb 15, 5:30 PST ...its going to be a cracker of a good time!  Grab a cup of coffee, click on the link above will chat with you on Wednesday!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

All That You Do.

Some important people in my life...a glimpse that helps me along the way.

Often times in the limelight of this sport called “Triathlon”, the people behind the scene are the ones you never hear about. The ones that are glue to our sport. They keep you balanced, they keep you laughing, they listen to you when you don’t want to talk about the sport, but other things of interest. They keep you focused, they keep you motivated, and most of all they have become important people in my life.

So I think it is fitting that sometimes along the way I need to make sure to say “Thank You”, and there is no better time then now.

1.   Siri Lindley, for bringing back the enthusiasm to my training and racing. One of her favorite quotes, that hits home with me is “ There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle. Thank you Siri for 2011.

2.  Simone Wolowiec, for being my matey from Australia, from the first day i met her, to her wonderful hands on being my personal massage therapist, to always looking out for me and offering her magic whenever i needed it. For the kind words, for being so good for my body and soul, for the dinners and laughs and trust like it should be. Her constant smile is and always will be a reflection that I can always see with my eyes during my days. Thank you Sim for 2011.


3.  Sumi Gross who is a old soul that I met at a bike shop in San Diego. She is an awesome surfer chick that loves to surf the Fiji reef breaks. She would take me surfing when ever I needed a break from training, mix it up for me, as I like to do. She has this nickname for me, calls me Scrappy as I will go for just about any wave and she won’t ride anything but her short board:) A dog lover after my own heart as well.  Thank you Sumi for 2011.

photo (23)

4.  Nina and Dana,  a couple that I stayed with a lot in 2011 whilst training in LA a couple of days a week. I can’t say enough about both of them. They opened up their home to me so I could stay in LA and train with Siri and we became good friends. Dana is an awesome cook and makes a killer smoked anything on the bbq. They love to do everything and have shown me what it is to have a good balance in life. Thank you Nina and Dana for 2011.

nina and dana

Nina and Dana
5.  Sue Hutter, for your kindness, continuous  support, always listening with an open ear, for cheering me on, taking pictures,  and just good genuine friendship. She would rather be behind the scene then in front, but still managed to snag this pose from her!  Thank you Sue for 2011.


6.  Gracie, I met at the Boys and Girls Swim Club in Solana Beach. She is an awesome swimmer and just an all around genuine nice, kind hearted person. We would swim together some times...when I needed a good swim pace and she was doing a recovery swim! Gracie gave me the idea that I should and could do something to help raise money for the Aussie Flood victims last year. Gracie is a lover of life, surfing, paddling, cycling, camping, and SUP.  Thank you Gracie for 2011.



7. Susan Zode, a funny lady I had the pleasure to meet whilst I was coaching at a Multisport camp in Coeur d Alene . I knew right away we would become fast friends, as she had my sense of humor and laughed at the dumbest things just like me!  A bit of curly head on her top, a good spirit she has about her, and is always up for an adventure. Thank you Zodes for 2011.

kate and zodes

Thank you is such a small word that really is not used enough, but I really want to say “Thank You” to all those people, in my life who changed it for the better by a word, a gift, or most important, “An Example”.

Here is to a great 2012!!