Green Card Stories... The stories in this book—of sacrifice and hope, of pride and success—appeal to the heart. These are mostly stories of ordinary, hard-working people: shopkeepers, engineers, teachers, construction workers. A few showcase artistic, athletic, and business talents that have led to success and fame. Some immigrants have come from extraordinary circumstances, others from humble beginnings. I am one of those people...and proud to be part of this book. Check out the newly launched Green Card Stories website that takes you beyond the book. It features upcoming events related to the book and the individuals included in the book. You can view photos and read and excerpt of the book. See what others are saying about Green Card Stories. Find out more about purchasing a book or donating a copy to your public library or school, Member of Congress, non-profit organization, etc. Stay up to date on current immigration topics through the Green Card Stories blog. Visit the websites of individuals featured in the book. Get involved with immigration organizations or assist immigrants in your community through our list of immigration advocacy organizations. Educate yourself on immigration policies and procedures on featured government websites. Or just enjoy some good books or movies related to immigration with our recommended reading list and filmography.
Green Card Stories puts a human face on immigration, moving the debate beyond the divisive political arena and into the landscape of everyday America. These 50 individuals are but a tiny fraction of the numerous immigrants who are positively contributing to our nation today. And I would like to say I am one of them! What an honor to be in this book...An Aussie in the good ol USA, thanks to the Green Card.