Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Still Alive

I have been a little MIA the past couple of months as I made an unexpected trip back to Australia for family reasons.
I hadn't been back to Australia for nearly 3yrs and even though not under great circumstances, I was able to see all my family and some of my extended family and friends.
My mum lives in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney and is a mecca for outdoor activities. I have a mountain bike I have left there so I can get out on the trails and see the beauty of the country.Not that I was there for that reason but it is always nice to know it is there if I had time to get out and clear my head. I was there for my mum first and foremost and the mountain biking and trail running I did get to do, was an added bonus.
The is the Mountain Bike Narrow Neck Trail in the Blue Mountains National Park
Another gorgeous picture of the Narrow Neck Trail

Can you see the trail ~ and that isn't the end!

I was able to spend time with my sister Emma and my niece Stella (who I hadn't met in person as she was only 11wks old) and my nephew Levi. We went to Kinda gym (gymnastic type activities for 2-5yr olds) and I learnt to change a nappy and Em made me do so several times....just to make sure I remembered she said! I got in one swim and a mountain bike ride and stopped by my local bike store on the way home, Coolum Cycles, to say G'Day to Bob and Barb.
At the end of my time in Australia I flew up to my brother and sister in law's and witnessed them raise nearly $20,000 from doing a quiz night for a local 6yr old boy who has Batten's Disease. I also got to mountain bike with my brother and his mate, build a beach shack out of driftwood with my nieces and their friends, play beach touch football with the locals and take Zoe (my eldest niece to netball and karate) and go for a run with her too.
This is at my brothers at Valla Beach

We visited my mum's Aunty Pat(my nan's sister) who we lived with for a short time as kids.Mum and I made a couple of different slices to take for afternoon tea and a few of our other relatives came also. It was great to see everyone and catch up. Aunty Pat's home hasn't changed one bit since we were kids and we still go through the back door....made me feel like a little kid again!

Before I left Sydney, I was able to catch up with a good friend I haven't seen in years, Amy and her family. Her son Baxter and I had a PJ party...he has a great Spiderman PJ set....and we read a story together before bed.

As far as racing goes for me,I had to forgo a few races to head back to Australia but to me, family is more important. There will always be more races but you only have one mum! I also got to reconnect with my dad which was good and I will go back to see him (and mum) later in the year.
I am not sure just yet what the remainder of the year will be for me in regards to races. I am getting back into training to gain some fitness back and will decide shortly as to my next race.
It has been a crazy year and still some challenges to come for my mum and dad but they will do only what they know.....the best they can:)