Sunday, September 2, 2012

What in the begeeba's have I been up to the past couple of months???
I decided to have a break from racing triathlons until after I finish the Crocodile Trophy. Is that a crocodile wrestling competition I hear you ask??!!...NOOOO!! It is a 9day/stage mountain bike race in far north Queensland in Australia (Oct 20-28th). I will tell you more in the next update:)
Here is a short recap in photos to begin-

I had Mike's Bike's fit my mountain bike

 I have still been swimming(minus the heels!)

 We had our friends from SD visit

I have been stretching..

And doing yoga

 I found some new trails on my mtn bike and discovered some 'secret spots'

 I have been taking my recovery ice baths

 Finding new trails

Practicing my new skills learnt at the All Women's Sport Camp

Had some close calls with these things!!!

Avoided the new 'Vodka to Go' on my rides

 Won a mtn run in Tahoe at the All Women's Sport Camp

Did some amazing rides at the All Women's Sport Camp in Tahoe

 My friend Jessi Stensland showing me how to ride the mtn bike!

Am loving a little change

Loving the heat

Played at the Pump Track in Truckee w/the girls from the All Women's Sport Camp

Hadn't had this much fun in a long time!!!

I have been under the watchful eyes of some hard task masters

 On our first weekend away together (w/ 15 other crazy peeps) for way too long...Shasta Lake

Picking up the boats, water-skis, wake boards and tubes

Capt. Jeff is back behind the wheel of a speed boat...I'm scared w/that facial expression=faaast!!!

We made some wake on Shasta Lake

Saw a house we would like to buy

Came home and rode above the clouds for training

Got to wear my summer dress

Had more friends from SD visit on their summer cycling trip

Now onto something that makes me sweat just thinking about it.....The Crocodile Trophy Mountain Bike Stage race....