Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Raising money for the June Canavan Foundation...the Down Under way!!!

The highlighted section is our route for the race....doesn't look so bad on paper!!!

There is a link on the top left of my blog page to make donations for the June Canavan Foundation (JCF). If you read my last blog you will understand what it is all about and I hope you will help me to raise some $$$ for her foundation to continue her legacy whilst I am beating myself up in the hot Australian outback on a mountain bike (and having the time of my life!).
This way we can track how much money is raised through by doing the Crocodile Trophy and then the JCF will match the same amount of money to which we raise! If everyone could put $1 in....that could end up to be one big fat piggy bank!
That would be tops if you could help me out!

Here is a little video footage from the Crocodile Trophy last year when they had heavy rain the first couple of days!!!
This is later when it dried up....the scenery is pretty amazing!

Come on...please donate...and yes,I am a real Frilled Neck Lizard.