Friday, November 9, 2012

Back on US soil and getting sorted!

I am slowly getting sorted after landing back in the USA yesterday afternoon and will post half of a race report shortly for the Crocodile Trophy. I know some people were finishing their blogs on the bus ride back from Cooktown, the day after the race but I didn't have the mental ability or focus and was a little sore in the ribs/upper body. I also wanted to look out the window at the scenery and see if I missed anything when I was riding or perhaps see different parts of an area we rode through.
When I arrived at my sister's the night after the race, the rest of my week was spent as family time and i think if i had have attempted to write may have sounded like i was on some recreational drugs or something as I was still catching up on sleep and may have sounded a little out of it! 7 nights camping in a tent, on an air mattress is tough going when you are racing in some hot, hard environmental conditions ( can you hear the violins playing??!!).
Ok, so I will get on with it and get something up and then post the rest of it ASAP!
I will also add up the amount of money raised for the JCF and then they match it dollar for dollar!!!
Back soon!