Monday, April 2, 2012

To Good Friends

A recent visit from my good friend Sue Hutter and her daughter Chloe was just the boost I needed!

Since moving to NORCAL, it has been hard for me as I have really missed seeing my good friends from San Diego (even though Sue and Chloe are from CDA). So for them to visit us and have some good chats, belly laughs and just spend some fun time together gave me a well needed boost until I go to San Diego in June.

Good friends are what keep you going when you need a push, keep you in line when you are out, and are just fun to be with and fill you with love. I didn't realise how much I would miss my friends until we moved. I didn't realise how much I need the times during the week we got together to train, have dinner, surf, chat, paddle with, have BBQ'S, tennis tournaments and watch some of them become parents for the first time.

I ran with Chloe and Kaisley whilst Sue speed walked and took photos.We had coffee, they went into the city,  explored the sites of San Francisco,  we went to Stinson Beach and collected shells and chatted as Kaise chased the birds and ran through the water.

Chloe and Kate at Stinson Beach

Sue mentioned suffering from migraines since starting this new workout program. I suggested it could be coming from being tight as she was doing some upper body work for the first time in a while.... so I flattened her on the floor and loosened her up like a good friend would.....she never mentioned it again??!!

So here is to good friends that fill your life with laughs, joy, kindness, and fun times. Remind yourself how fortunate you are to have your circle of friends and tell them every now and them how much you appreciate them....not too much don't want to inflate their ego:):):)

Kate and Kaise on Stinsom Beach March 2012