Thursday, March 15, 2012

Appreciation ~ Costa Rica

As a quote from my friend Bree Wee “Bring on REV3 Costa Rica!”  I am off to my first race of the year for 2012. My bags were packed with all things ready to race, including a few other things that makes this trip to Costa Rica one of my favorite spots!  I can’t wait to have a few days in a tropical place like Costa Rica, get my feet under me, and see where my fitness is at for the start of the year.  Ok, back to that packing thing. I must admit the first things I put into my bag were my boardies, flip flops, and surfing gear, except my board!  I had to leave that at home because after all I was going down to Costa Rica to race the Rev3.

This year I am going to mix things up a bit, more about that later.  I really like the Rev3 Series, the people that put on the event are really good, nice people. I think often times in this sport called “triathlon” that you feel as an athlete that after you pay your registration fee to race, that the race has a certain obligation to you. Whether that be a well marked course, help with knowing the course, places to stay, free swag, or whatever makes your race day feel special. 

My idea of a good event is all of the above, but goes one step further. It has to do with how I can give back to the sport, which is a true “Appreciation” for putting on the events in the first place, for making me seem special, for allowing me to race my race, and no matter where I finish, to always being thankful to all the people behind the scenes.  From the volunteers, to the supporters, to the people that deliver the water, to setting up the course, and for just loving this sport as much as I do, even though they may not be a “triathlete”.   I really do delight in the little things that make up the big things, that is what makes my life good as I like to say. 

As I was reading the newsletter about Costa Rica, I came upon one of the most well written articles I have seen for awhile.  It was talking about how I feel so thought I would share a few highlights with you.

“A little reminder must be thrown into your thoughts as you are getting ready to race Costa Rica, I know it is a race, but it is so much more than that” is the meaning I got out of what Bree was saying.  “50 years from now you want to remember “that time I raced in Costa Rica”.  She is right, I am there to swim ~ bike ~ run, but I did as she did.  I am packing my appetite for the local foods, walk the local paths, going to try to speak the local language, surf, look for treasures on the beach,  catch a sunset not just from your hotel room, and most important to meet a new person or two.  You will always remember the race, but most important you will remember the adventure.

You can read her full article here

playa-conchal Costa Rica

Cant wait to show you my treasures I find!  See you at the races.