Monday, December 12, 2011

My Day…during off season.

Seems that the year is coming to an end rather fast. A lot has happened this past year for me which is all good! I raced the Rev3 Series to mix things up and keep things interesting…we got a dog…my twin sister is pregnant again…and we moved to San Francisco.  It was a year of adventures, just what I like but will admit I also was a bit nervous about. But it worked out just fine! I had a lot of positive encouragement from good friends and family and for that I am forever grateful.

I won the Rev3 Series, figured out how to take care of a dog, have made new friends in San Fran, played in my first snow, and am just grateful that I can do what I luv! Being a professional athlete does have its ups and downs, but I would say so does any job. Its all in how your going to do your job that makes it worthwhile. I thought perhaps for a short good read, I would give you an insight to my daily life.  It goes a bit like this:

So a day in the life of moi....
5.45-7am swim practise
home for breakfast,check emails and reading more details for Crocodile Trophy
9.15-11.45am ride
11.50-12.20pm run with kaise
lunch and shower
1.15pm head to city for a massage at 2
2-3.45pm massage/body work
walk to car and head to Mill Valley for hair cut at 4.30pm
5.15pm leave hair dresser and drive towards home to Trader Joes to get some food to cook for dinner(stuck in peak hour traffic!)
home and cooking dinner whilst talking to my sister on Skype and feed kaise
ate dinner
took kaise for a walk
watching Up All Night,The Middle and Modern Family(taping them so can watch one after the other!)
i could go to sleep right now!
got another long day tomorrow.another early swim, then run kaise, then i have to train a couple of people from Jeff’s club from 12noon on!

And I wouldn’t change a thing about it…cause it makes me feel like I am on top of the world…except for the traffic:)

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