Sunday, October 23, 2011

A nice day for a road trip…

Today has been a mix of emotion , left early in the am for San Francisco. Its been fun, I like to drive, Jeff is always great company, and Kaise is our back seat driver. Snapped a few photos along the way. Only one wrong turn so far. Cant wait to see the house Jeff has picked out for us to live in. I think I am going to like San Francisco.  As long as there is water around me, good trails to run on, and my friends come visit me, I am happy wherever I am. Am sure San Francisco won’t disappoint me!! Jeff has said the city is beautiful along with the people he has met so far. His new job is keeping him busy, so I cant wait to see for myself. Are you ready for me San Fran?

photo (8)

Kaise is enjoying the ride

photo (7)

Jeff took over the driving for a bit.

photo (2)

Getting closer….

photo (9)

We have arrived….what a view from our very long steep driveway. Stunning!